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She’s The Sheriff

1 9 8 7 – 1 9 8 9 (USA)
48 x 30 minute episodes

Widowed mother Hildy Granger (Suzanne Somers) is the Sheriff of Lakes County, Nevada in this NBC sitcom.

Hildy took over her late husband’s job as the sheriff of the small Nevada town and most of the male deputies accept her. Although she does have regular battles with obnoxious Deputy Max Rubin (George Wyner), who doesn’t feel Hildy should be in the job and constantly does his best to disgrace her.

At home, the energetic Gussie (Pat Carroll), Hildy’s mother, is on hand to look after children Kenny (Taliesin Jaffe) and Alison (Nicky Rose) while mum is out upholding the law.

She’s The Sheriff was one of the five sitcoms chosen by NBC to ‘checkerboard’ across its weekday schedules in Autumn 1987.

The show also made TV Guide‘s list of the “50 Worst TV Shows of All Time.”

A pilot for She’s The Sheriff (titled Cass Malloy) was aired in the USA by CBS on 21 July 1982, with Caroline McWilliams in the lead role. It took some years to progress the project further, but the subsequent series was set to star Priscilla Barnes as the sheriff.

Shortly before production began, however, Somers was brought in as her replacement. The move was ironic: Barnes had replaced Somers in Three’s Company in 1981.

Sheriff Hildy Granger 
Suzanne Somers
Deputy Max Rubin 

George Wyner
Gussie Holt 

Pat Carroll
Kenny Granger 

Taliesin Jaffe
Alison Granger 

Nicky Rose
Deputy Dennis Putnam

Lou Richards
Deputy Hugh Mulcahy 

Guick Koock
Deputy Alvin Wiggins 

Leonard Lightfoot