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Shillingbury Tales

1 9 8 0 (UK)
7 x 60 minute episodes

Successful musician Peter Higgins (Robin Nedwell) and his wife Sally (Diane Keen) move from London to the (fictional) village of Shillingbury in Hertfordshire to enjoy the ambience of the idyllic English countryside, thatched-roofed cottages, strawberry cream teas and oak-timbered pubs.

They also find a collection of eccentric locals, including grumpy farmer Jake (Jack Douglas), his sexy daughter Mandy (Linda Hayden), crafty tramp Cuffy (Bernard Cribbins), old busybody Mrs Simpkins (Diana King), nosy postman Harvey (Joe Black), and the twittering Reverend Norris (Nigel Lambert).

The feature-length pilot was released in 1979 as a movie called The Shillingbury Blowers.

In 1983, the Bernard Cribbins character was spun-off into his own six-part series, Cuffy.

Peter Higgins
Robin Nedwell
Sally Higgins
Diane Keen
Jake Smith
Jack Douglas
Mandy Smith
Linda Hayden
Bernard Cribbins
Joe Black
Mrs Simpkins
Diana King
Reverend Norris
Nigel Lambert
Lilian Grassom
Eric Francis
Mr Robertson
Jeremy Hawk


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