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Silent Reach

1 9 8 3 (Australia)
1 x 120 minute episode
1 x 180 minute episode

Based on a novel by Osmar White, this five-hour miniseries from the Nine Network in Australia starred Graham Kennedy as easygoing and hard-drinking bush pilot, Chasser Fitzpatrick, American Robert Vaughn playing former CIA agent Steven Sinclair and Helen Morse portraying Antonia Russell, his lawyer helper.

Hamish Wrightson (Leonard Teale) – a diamond mining magnate in North Queensland – hires Sinclair to investigate a series of ‘mishaps’ and industrial accidents at the massive industrial and mining empire of Conwright Industries.

Sinclair finds that a couple of Wrightson’s right-hand men, Peter Mountford and Ben Burnie, have discovered industrial diamonds on a Wrightson-owned property and are stirring up trouble amongst local aboriginals.

The pair decide to get Sinclair out of the way by trying to kill him.

The working title for the miniseries was The Alcheringa Stone.

Steven Sinclair
Robert Vaughn
Chasser Fitzpatrick
Graham Kennedy
Antonia Russell
Helen Morse
Hamish Wrightson
Leonard Teale
Peter Mountford
John Howard
Patty Mountford
Ilona Rodgers
Ben Burnie
Tommy Lewis