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Small and Frye

1 9 8 3 (USA)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Nick Small (Darren McGavin) is a no-nonsense ex-cop turned private detective who saunters through his hectic life deluding himself that all things are exactly as they were in the 1940s film world of the private eye.

His partner, Chip Frye (Jack Blessing), has suffered a freak laboratory accident that gives him the ability to shrink to a size of six inches, thus making him a master of diminutive “undercover” work.

Unfortunately, Frye is not able to control his condition, and while he wears a special ring device that helps control his ability to shrink, certain outside influences (electrical storms, certain minerals in food, a severe case of hiccups) can trigger an unexpected switch in his size.

Nick’s daughter, Phoebe (Debbie Zipp), works as their receptionist.

Other regular characters include Dr Hanratty (Bill Daily), the head of the police crime lab, and Eddie (Warren Berlinger), who owns the bar where Nick hangs out. Vicki (Victoria Carroll) is the waitress there.

The Walt Disney production initially appeared for three weeks on CBS in March 1983, before being suspended for six weeks, finally returning in June to air the remaining three episodes.

Nick Small
Darren McGavin
Chip Frye
Jack Blessing
Dr Hanratty
Bill Daily
Phoebe Small
Debbie Zipp
Eddie Fitzsimmons
Warren Berlinger
Victoria Carroll


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