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Some You Win

1 9 8 4 (UK)

This 30-minute Saturday night programme from Granada Television took a look at life’s winners and losers. It might be a champion sportsman like Muhammad Ali or Daley Thompson, or a perennial loser like Eddie the Eagle.

Hosts were LuluCarry On legend Kenneth Williams and newcomer Ted Robbins.

Each week, Kenneth Williams delved into his collection of calamities from around the world and told engaging tales of embarrassing blunders, while Lulu interviewed well-known people about the highs and lows of their careers.

Liberal leader David Steel described getting caught in a room at the British Embassy in Moscow with David Owen while they were both changing their long johns.

Dallas star Larry Hagman admitted to twice forgetting the words when he was singing for the Queen Mother at a Royal Variety Performance.

Meanwhile, Ted Robbins met ordinary people such as the chap from Liverpool who had an incredible 500 unwanted hats . . .

The producers seemed unsure what type of show it was meant to be and Some You Win never really worked for Granada.

Kenneth Williams
Ted Robbins