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Something For The Weekend (Up To Something)

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 0 (UK)

Something For The Weekend was conceived as a vehicle for Susie Blake, already a small-screen veteran but then the subject of much interest over her role as the announcer in the BBC2 series Victoria Wood – As Seen On TV.

Blake was installed as one-fifth of a team of up and coming comics, alongside Caroline Leddy, James Gaddas, Mike Doyle and Mike Hayley. Most of the others were relative newcomers.

The show was clearly intended as a response to ITV’s run of successful Saturday teatime sketch shows, including Copycats, Cue Gary! and The Grumbleweeds Radio Show.

By 1990, it had been moved to a later timeslot, retitled Up To Something, and been almost entirely recast; only Mike Hayley remained, joined by Suzy Aitchison, Frances Dodge, Lewis MacLeod, David Schneider and Shane Richie.

Susie Blake
Caroline Leddy
James Gaddas
Mike Doyle
Mike Hayley
Suzy Aitchison
Frances Dodge
Lewis MacLeod
David Schneider
Shane Richie