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Sorrell and Son

1 9 8 4 (UK)
6 x 50 minute episodes

This six-part miniseries from Yorkshire Television begins during Britain’s economic slump after World War I and revolves around decorated war hero Stephen Sorrell (Richard Pasco) who is raising his 11-year-old son, Kit (Peter Chelsom) single-handedly after his wife, Dora (Gwen Watford) deserts her husband and child in the boy’s infancy.

Sorrell loses a promising job offer and is forced to take a menial job as a porter at a seedy pub owned by the venomous Florence Palfrey (Stephanie Beacham) where both his dignity and health are damaged as a result of the exhausting labour and harsh treatment he receives. Yet he endures all for the sake of his beloved son.

Sorrell has allowed his son to believe that his mother is dead, but when she shows up again, wanting to re-enter the young man’s life, Sorrell must make some difficult decisions.

Sorrell and Son was based on the classic novel by Warwick Deeping, with a screenplay by Jeremy Paul (who wrote Upstairs Downstairs and The Duchess of Duke Street).

Stephen Sorrell
Richard Pasco
Thomas Roland
John Shrapnel
Dora Sorrell
Gwen Watford
Kit Sorrell
Peter Chelsom
Fanny Garland
Prunella Ransome
Molly Pentreath
Sarah Neville
Michael Troughton
Florence Palfrey
Stephanie Beacham
Elizabeth Sinclair
Norman Mills