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1 9 8 1 – 1 9 8 7 (UK)
43 x 30 minute episodes

Ronnie Corbett starred as Timothy Lumsden, the young-at-heart 40-something-year-old Mummy’s boy who still lives at home with his parents, works as a librarian and has an absorbing interest in amateur dramatics.

He tries desperately to break out from his parents and although constantly cheeky and impudent, he always maintains his dignity.

His father presents no real threat, but his mother Phyllis is a domineering, interfering, tyrant. Timothy’s mother simply refuses to acknowledge that her son is an adult, treating him as a little boy.

Timothy was a smart enough chap, witty and bright, although his discomfort with women often caused him to blush, stammer and blurt out stupid things in their presence.

It was Timothy’s sexual frustration that spurred him to his greatest moments of rebellion and at various times during the run his attraction to a young woman nearly resulted in his leaving home.

His sixth series’ girlfriend, Jennifer, seemed set to spirit Timothy away but it was not to be.

Eventually, the writers took pity on their tragic hero and against all the odds, Timothy finally gets engaged and is allowed to fly the coop with his latest girlfriend, Pippa, at the end.

Sorry! also starred Barbara Lott as Timothy’s mother, William Moore as his long-suffering father, and Marguerite Hardiman as his sister Muriel, who had escaped the family home, and was often on hand with sympathetic advice.


Timothy Lumsden 
Ronnie Corbett
Mrs Phyllis Lumsden 

Barbara Lott
Mr Sidney Lumsden 

William Moore

Marguerite Hardiman

Roy Holder

Derek Fuke

Wendy Allnutt

Bridget Brice