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Space Stars

1 9 8 1 (USA)
11 x 60 minute episodes

The NBC series Space Stars combined old Hanna-Barbera characters Space Ghost and The Herculoids with segments called Teen Force, and Astro and the Space Mutts (featuring the family dog from The Jetsons, now working for the space police) – who provided the (cringeworthy) comic relief – in new adventures.

Space Ghost teamed with his friends Jan, Jace and Blip the space monkey to defeat villains such as the Uglor (tyrant of the planet Uris) and the Toymaker.

The Herculoids – a human family consisting of Zandor, Tara and Doro – lived on distant Quasar in the wilderness and had befriended several amazing creatures including Zot (a dragon), Igoo (a rock simian), Tundro (a rhino/triceratops combination), and the blobs Gloop and Gleep. These beings defended the family against all comers.

The Teen Force segments featured a group of young heroes – psychic Elektra, Moleculad (who could alter and re-arrange his physical matter at will) and Kid Comet who were assisted by diminutive sidekicks called Astromites – who lived beyond Black Hole X and voyaged to our universe on rocket-powered space sleds.

Meanwhile, talking space dogs Astro, Cosmo and Dipper worked with hapless human policeman, Space Ace.

The final segment of each hour of Space Stars was called the “Space Stars Finale” and involved a team-up of the different heroes in cross-over stories.

The series debuted on Saturday 12 September 1981 and aired through to December.

Space Ghost
Gary Owens
Frank Welker
Steve Spears
Alexandra Stoddart
Sparky Marcus
Virginia Gregg
B.J. Ward
David Raynr
Kid Comet
Darryl Hickman
Don Messick
Lennie Weinrib
Space Ace
Michael Bell
Allan Lurie
Mike Road
Michael Winslow