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Star Cops

1 9 8 7 (UK)
9 x 55 minute episodes

Set in the not-too-distant-future (2027), this BBC series presented the adventures of the International Space Police Force (disparagingly called the ‘star cops’) led by seasoned terrestrial detective Nathan Spring (David Calder).


The dedicated police force responsible for extraterrestrial law enforcement is made up of officers from all over the world, including Aussie Pal Kenzy (Linda Newton), Russian Alexander Krivenko (Jonathan Adams), Japanese Anna Shoun (Sayo Inaba) and American David Theroux (Erick Ray Evans).

In the new frontier, where the laws have yet to be codified and the interests of corporations and rival governments can be pursued without consequence, Earth-bound authorities realise the need for a dedicated police force to be stationed where the action is.

Despite the premise, the star cops don’t do battle with extraterrestrial invaders. They investigate thefts, sabotage, kidnappings and suchlike.

Star Cops was actually signed up for a second season but with a TV technicians strike cutting the first season down to nine episodes and David Calder moving on to another show, there was no realistic possibility of the crew getting back together to make another 13 episodes.

Nathan Spring
David Calder
David Theroux
Erick Ray Evans
Colin Devis
Trevor Cooper
Pal Kenzy
Linda Newton
Alexander Krivenko
Jonathan Adams
Anna Shoun
Sayo Inaba
Box (voice)
David Calder