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Star Of The Family

1 9 8 2 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

starofthefamily2Fire Captain Buddy Krebs (Brian Dennehy) has a lot going on. His wife has run off with a bellhop, and his son Douggie (Michael Dudikoff) is 17 and eats chilli dogs at seven in the morning.

Buddy’s pretty 16-year-old daughter, Jennie Lee (Kathy Maisnik) is a talented country/pop singer who is starting to make it big.

Unfortunately for Buddy, that means she has suddenly acquired low-cut outfits, out-of-town gigs and a statuesque road manager named Moose (Judy Pioli).

Then there are the guys at his fire station: Max (Danny Mora) is a hotheaded Hispanic who makes mincemeat out of the English language; Feldman (Todd Susman) constantly writes to his mother who thinks he’s a cardiologist, and Rosetti (George DelHoyo) is sex-crazed.

Leslie ‘Buddy’ Krebs
Brian Dennehy
Jennie Lee Krebs
Kathy Maisnik
Douggie Krebs
Michael Dudikoff
Frank Rosetti
George DelHoyo
Leo Feldman
Todd Susman
Max Hernandez
Danny Mora
Judy ‘Moose’ Wells
Judy Pioli