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Sticky Moments with Julian Clary

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 0 (UK)

“Thank you for your applause. There’s still nothing I like more than a nice warm hand on my entrance”.

This unusual late-night game show from Channel 4 awarded contestants points for initiative, imagination and hairstyle. The host was Julian Clary – “the second most popular queen in Britain”.

Once seen, Julian was difficult to forget. He strode the stage in lycra, leather, feathers and heavy makeup, inviting members of the studio audience to humiliate themselves on national television in a flurry of double entendres.

Russell Churney was Clary’s pianist and Hugh Jelly (Philip Herbert) – a large man with a booming voice – was announcer/scorekeeper/assistant.

Sticky Moments was a party. It may not have been highbrow, but it most certainly was entertaining (“What ‘M’ causes a big headache? Answer: Margaret Thatcher”).

Julian Clary
Russell Churney
Hugh Jelly
Philip Herbert