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This Sunday action show from ABC dramatised life above-and-below-decks onboard the (fictional) USS Georgetown in the modern, peacetime US Navy.

The handsome young fighter pilots were straight out of the hit movie Top Gun – “Sierra” (Ken Olandt), “Anzac” (John David Bland) and “Beebee” (Cec Verrell) – the latter a woman who was better than any of the men but couldn’t get sea duty because of her gender.

In command of the pilots was Commander Jim Coleman (Robert Hooks), a black officer on his first big assignment, and worried about it. The ship’s commander was Captain Henry K. “Hank” Madigan (Dale Dye).

The shipboard equivalent of the town cop was Master-at-Arms Luis Cruz (Gerardo Mejía), an earnest young military policeman who wanted to become a boxer. Rosie (Tasia Valenza) was a giggly medical assistant and Willoughby (Michael Sharrett) was the expert young radarman.

The Georgetown was the pride of San Miguel Naval Base, where off-duty personnel frequented Billie’s Bar, run by salty old Billie Costello (Marie Windsor).

Based on a George C. Wilson book of the same name, initially, the show was shot on board the real-life USS John F. Kennedy but the US Navy withdrew its support when the writers began coming up with steamy and controversial plotlines – including an onboard love scene (which was deleted), hot-shot pilots crashing $20 million jets into the sea, and the discovery of cocaine on board.

The series was launched in March 1988 but sank off the ABC schedule a mere six months later.

Capt. Henry K “Hank” Madigan
Dale Dye
Lt Jack “Sierra” DePalma
Ken Olandt
Lt Ruth “Beebee” Ruthkowski
Cec Verrell
Lt Doyle “ANZAC” Sampson
John David Bland
Commander Jim Coleman
Robert Hooks
Master-at-Arms 1st Class Luis Cruz
Gerardo Mejía
Master Chief Sam Rivers
Richard Jaeckel
Ocean Specialist 1st Class Donald Willoughby
Michael Sharrett
Yeoman 1st Class Rosie Henriques 
Tasia Valenza
Seaman Apprentice Raymond Lafitte
Matthew Walker
Lt. Dave Rawley
Alex Hyde-White
Billie Costello
Marie Windsor