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1 9 8 3 (UK)
39 x 30 minute episodes

The year is 2020 and a special force has been set up to defend the Earth from the Evil forces of Zelda (an ugly android crone and the queen of Guk), who – after destroying the NASA Expedition to Mars – plans to attack Earth.

The only thing that can stop the invasion is the Terrahawks, operating from Hawksnest in South America and headed up by the heroic Dr “Tiger” Ninestein – a chap who has eight clones of himself.

The rest of the team consists of the poetically inclined Lt. Hiro who spends most of his time up in space talking to his plants, Lt. Hawkeye (a gunner with computer-enhanced vision), fighter pilot and former pop star Captain Kate Kestrel and Captain Mary Falconer (who is Ninestein’s right hand . . . person).

The Zeroids are basically a bunch of balls that roll around shooting at things when they’re ordered to do so. They are headed up by Sgt. Major Zero (voiced by Windsor Davies, in a virtual voice reprise of his camp performance in It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum).

While the Terrahawks have the Zeroids, Zelda has her own robots (which take on the shape of cubes).

This was familiar Gerry Anderson fodder, though with a new line of ultra-sophisticated stringless puppets with internal electronics – an advance which Anderson (pictured below right on the Terrahawks set) dubbed ‘Supermacromation’.


Captain Mary Falconer 
Denise Bryer
Captain Kate Kestrel 

Anne Ridler
Sergeant Major Zero 

Windsor Davies
Lt. Hawkeye 

Ben Stevens
Dr “Tiger” Ninestein 

Jeremy Hitchen
Lt. Hiro 

Jeremy Hitchen
Colonel Johnson 

Jeremy Hitchen

Denise Bryer