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Wizard, The

1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 7 (USA)
19 x 40 minute episodes

Simon McKay (David Rappaport) is the Wizard, a pint-sized toymaker with a giant heart who invents amazing contraptions.

He used to design hardware for the government and still does the occasional job for them. That’s why the brass has assigned Alex Jagger (Douglas Barr) to ensure Simon doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

To fun-loving Simon, the most important thing is to use his wondrous powers to help others – like the little boy who will die of leukaemia unless he can get a bone marrow transplant from his brother, who’s somewhere in South America.

Tillie Russell (Fran Ryan) is Simon’s gruff but kindly housekeeper.

David Rappaport struggled with depression later in his life, and on 2 May 1990, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest in Laurel Canyon Park in the San Fernando Valley in California.

Simon McKay
David Rappaport
Alex Jagger
Douglas Barr
Tillie Russell
Fran Ryan