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Then Churchill Said To Me

1 9 8 2/1 9 9 3 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived 30 minute BBC comedy series was Frankie Howerd’s last sitcom.

Ostensibly a transfer of his Up Pompeii! persona into World War II khaki, Howerd played a bungling army Private in Churchill’s underground London bunker.

The show was banned on its scheduled 1982 transmission because of sensitivity over the Falklands War and gathered dust in the BBC vaults for 11 years until it was finally screened by satellite channel UK Gold in 1993.

Sadly, Howerd died a year before the series got its eventual airing.


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Pvt. Percy Potts
Frankie Howerd
Lt. Col. Robert Witherton
Nicholas Courtney
Petty Officer Joan Bottomley
Joanna Dunham
Sgt. Maj. McRuckus
Shaun Curry
Pvt. Norman Pain
Michael Attwell
Sally Perks
Linda Cunningham
Tea Lady
Peggy Ann Clifford