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Thorns, The

1 9 8 8 (USA)
12 x 30 minute episodes

Mike Nichols produced this caviar comedy about a family of nouveau riche, social-climbing snobs.

Sharing an elegant Upper East Side New York townhouse were Sloan (Tony Roberts), an insensitive, self-absorbed public relations executive; his status-seeking wife, Ginger (Kelly Bishop); and their three insufferable children, 16-year-old junior snob Chad (Adam Biesk), Joey (Lisa Rieffel), and Edmund (Jesse R. Tendler).

The most frequent form of parental discipline was to buy the kids off; the most frequent social activity, buying and lying one’s way into all the right affairs.

Cricket (Lori Petty) was the shapely mother’s helper, and Toinette (Mary Louise Wilson) the contemptuous French maid. Introducing a modicum of common sense were Sloan’s no-nonsense mother, Rose (Marilyn Cooper), who moved in when her Brooklyn apartment burned down; and Peggy (Maureen Stapleton), the sensible maid to a fabulously rich, reclusive widow who lived nearby (It turned out that Peggy was the widow herself, in disguise.)

Sloan Thorn
Tony Roberts
Ginger Thorn
Kelly Bishop
Chad Thorn
Adam Biesk
Joey Thorn
Lisa Rieffel
Edmund Thorn
Jesse R. Tendler
Rose Thorn
Marilyn Cooper
Lori Petty
Mary Louise Wilson
Peggy/Mrs Hamilton
Maureen Stapleton