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1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 8 (USA)
48 x 30 minute episodes

The sitcom Throb starred Diana Canova (who had played the nymphomaniac Corinne on Soap) as Sandy Beatty, a 33-year-old single mother who moved from upstate Buffalo and took a new job at Throb Records in Manhattan.

Beatty was divorced with a 12-year-old son, Jeremy, and was easily the most sensible person amongst the collection of weirdos occupying and visiting the loft offices of Throb.

Her boss was the libidinous and short-in-stature Zach (Jonathan Prince) and her best pal was teacher Meredith (Maryedith Burrell).

Jane Leeves played Prudence Anne Bartlett – nicknamed Blue – a British punk rocker and ‘talent coordinator’ at Throb (and, later in the series, Sandy’s roommate).


Blue’s promiscuous doings were curtailed in the second season after she went for an AIDS test. Throb’s producer said at the time, “We have a large young audience and I feel we have a strong responsibility to them.”

A number of music stars passed through Throb in cameo roles, including James Brown and Donny Osmond.

Jane Leeves (playing the part here of a Londoner) later appeared in Frasier as Mancunian, Daphne Moon. In reality, Leeves hails from East Grinstead, East Sussex, and moved to the USA in 1984 in the hope (spectacularly achieved) of advancing her career.

Prior to leaving England, she had only managed a few low-key TV appearances, turning up in a Bruce Forsyth special called Nice To See You! (December 1981) and playing a bimbette on The Benny Hill Show.

Sandy Beatty
Diana Canova
Zachary Armstrong

Jonathan Prince
Blue (Prudence Anne Bartlett)

Jane Leeves

Maryedith Burrell
Jeremy Beatty

Paul W Walker (1)
Sean de Veritch (2)
Phil Gaines

Richard Cummings Jr