Home Television Drama Together


1 9 8 0 – 1 9 8 1 (UK)
53 x 30 minute episodes

Southern Television’s Together debuted on 24 January 1980 with no small amount of fanfare for a daytime show from one of the smaller franchises.

Created by Coronation Street scriptwriting mainstay Adele Rose (who would go on to also create Byker Grove), the series was based in Rutherford Court, a new low-rise block of housing association flats in an overspill suburb.

Together was originally filmed three days before transmission, enabling topical references to Geoffrey Howe’s budget and Chris Bonnington’s Everest expedition to be subtly inserted into the dialogue, Drop the Dead Donkey style.

For the second series in 1981, the show was broadcast live. Scenes had to be carefully coordinated (with occasional pre-recorded elements inserted) and fingers crossed.

Storyline controversy was introduced with the introduction of openly gay tenant Peter Hunt (Stephen Churchett, later the Mitchell brothers’ solicitor in EastEnders).

Phrases like “nancy boy” and “bent as a three-quid note” were hurled around Rutherford Court’s communal areas, while Southern readied the afternoon audience with some mollifying words; “Gays are now part of everyday life”, said a spokesman, “but we are ready for a few furious phone calls”.

Together was eventually doomed to die off along with its parent company as franchise upheavals replaced Southern with TVS.


Duggie Webber
John Burgess
Lynne Webber
Sheila Fay
Tricia Webber
Sarah Greene
Harry Klein
Victor Maddern
Dora Klein
Hilda Fenemore
Richard Dunn
Richard Everett
Julie Dunn
Gillian Bailey
Martha Finch
Kathleen Byron
Sarah Cunningham
Delena Kidd
Daphne Porter
Margaretta Scott
Mike Gowers
Jonty Miller
Trevor Wallace
Paul Hastings
Susi Powell
Carol Hawkins
Geoff Powell
Brian Jameson
Peter Hunt
Stephen Churchett
Edward Fuller
Raymond Francis