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Trauma Center

1 9 8 3 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Brilliant young surgeon Dr Michael ‘Cutter’ Royce (James Naughton) leads the trauma centre at McKee Hospital – the specialised emergency department designed to make maximum use of the “golden hour” after a person is seriously injured in an accident.

His fellow doctors are Dr Nate ‘Skate’ Baylor (Dorian Harewood), Dr ‘Beaver’ Bouvier (Bill Randolph) and Dr Brigitte Blaine (Wendie Malick).

They are assisted by Nursing Supervisor Amy Decker (Eileen Heckart) and her assistant Nurse Hooter (Jayne Modean).


Paramedics like John Six (Lou Ferrigno) and ‘Hatter’ Pacelli (Alfie Wise) rescue the victims and get them to the centre within that hour, often with the help of helicopter pilot Buck Williams (Jack Bannon).

Dr Charles Sternhauser (Arlen Dean Snyder) is the hospital administrator with whom Cutter is constantly fighting for new equipment and additional funds.

There were generally three or four ‘traumas’ per show, ranging from an injured construction worker stuck in a highrise to golfers struck by lightning, victims of an explosion at a singles bar, a skyscraper climber whose foot slipped, and students mangled when the roof caved in on their high school prom.

The series was originally promoted as Medstar but the name was changed to Trauma Center prior to broadcast.

Dr Michael ‘Cutter’ Royce
James Naughton
Buck Williams
Jack Bannon
John Six
Lou Ferrigno
Dr Brigitte Blaine
Wendie Malick
Nurse Hooter
Jayne Modean
Dr ‘Beaver’ Bouvier
Bill Randolph
Dr Charles Sternhauser
Arlen Dean Snyder
Sidney ‘Hatter’ Pacelli
Alfie Wise
Nurse Amy Decker
Eileen Heckart
Dr Nate ‘Skate’ Baylor
Dorian Harewood