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Travelling Man

1 9 8 4 – 1 9 8 5 (UK)
13 x 60 minute episodes

This midweek drama series from ITV starred Leigh Lawson as Lomax, an ex-drug squad cop who had served a two-year prison sentence after being framed for the theft of £100,000 when a drugs seizure went awry.

On his release, he found that his wife, Jan, had left him for Canada, and Steve, his drop-out son was hiding away on Britain’s canal network. To add to his worries, the police had placed him under surveillance (in case the money turned up) and the underworld were also on his tail.

Almost as threatening was Robinson (Terry Taplin), an investigative reporter in pursuit of a story.

Stepping aboard his own canal narrowboat named Harmony, Lomax made off along the waterways and mixed with canal folk, hunting for the man who set him up and hoping to trace his missing son.

He inevitably became involved in single-episode adventures along the way, such as the time while doing a bit of bar-tending work, he found himself barricaded in with the owners as a local gang tried to get in.

Early in the second series Lawson tracked down his lost son and reconciled things – leaving him to focus on finding the person who’d fitted him up.

Leigh Lawson
Terry Taplin
Steve Lomax
Matthew Taylor
Len Martin
Tony Doyle