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13 x 30 minute episodes

This animated series from Hanna-Barbera aired for one season on CBS.


The Trollkins were a race of green, blue, and purple trolls who lived (unsurprisingly) in Trolltown.

Episodes followed the adventures of well-meaning but slightly screwy teenager Blitz Lumpkin (voiced by Australian playwright Steve J. Spears), his girlfriend, bright and pretty Pixlee Trollsom (voiced by Jennifer Darling) and their pet companion Flooky (voiced by Frank Welker).

Blitz’s father, Mayor Trolliver J. Lumpkin (voiced by Paul Winchell,) was the short, incompetent, hot-headed, fumble-mouthed mayor.

Pixlee’s father Sheriff Pudge Trollsom (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer) and his two deputies (“Deputrolls”) Dotty Durkle and Flake Furgle (voiced by Jennifer Darling and Marshall Efron) were just as incompetent and fumble minded in maintaining order in Trolltown.

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Flake was a cowardly but devoted buffoon constantly inventing lame-brained crime-stopping equipment while Dotty was a young, efficient and smart-mouthed country female.

A renegade motorcycle gang called the Troll Choppers (Bogg, Slug and Afid) terrorised the citizens of Trolltown from time to time, but were mostly regarded as a nuisance, rather than a serious threat. Bogg, the leader, was sweet on Pixlee and a constant thorn in Blitz’s side.

Trolltown’s favourite hangout was Grubb’s Diner, run and owned by master burger maker Grubb Trollmaine (Michael Bell), a long-suffering and constantly exasperated hash-slinger and inventor of the ‘Grubb Burger’.

Add to this a wild array of never-before-seen vehicles and locations plus outlandish adversaries such as Frogzilla, Kling Klong, the Baby Giant and the Troll Ness Monster and you have The Trollkins.

Steve J Spears died in Aldinga, South Australia, from brain cancer in 2007, aged only 56.

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Blitz Lumpkin
Steve J Spears
Pixlee Trollsom
Jennifer Darling
Frank Welker
Mayor Trolliver J. Lumpkin
Paul Winchell
Sheriff Pudge Trollsom
Alan Oppenheimer
Deputroll Dotty Durkle
Jennifer Darling
Deputroll Flake Furgle
Marshall Efron
Bill Callaway
Hank Saroyan
Frank Welker
Grubb Trollmaine
Michael Bell