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Tucker’s Witch

1 9 8 2 – 1 9 8 3 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Husband and wife team Amanda (Catherine Hicks) and Rick Tucker (Tim Matheson) ran a detective agency in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles.


This was no run of the mill detective show, however. Amanda was a witch and used her powers to help solve cases.

Unfortunately, her ability to use witchcraft properly to solve cases was not always successful, since some of her spells didn’t work exactly as planned, even with the help of her Siamese cat, Dickens, and the occasional assistance of her mother, Ellen (Barbara Barrie), who was also a witch.

Marcia (Alfre Woodard) was the Tuckers’ secretary and Lt. Fisk (Bill Morey) the homicide detective with whom they were often at odds.

In many ways, it was like Hart to Hart, but with witchcraft

Tucker’s Witch began its run on CBS on 6 October 1982 and lasted until 8 August 1983.

Rick Tucker
Tim Matheson
Amanda Tucker
Catherine Hicks
Lt. Sean Fisk
Bill Morey
Marcia Fulbright
Alfre Woodard
Ellen Hobbes
Barbara Barrie