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TV 101

1 9 8 8 – 1 9 8 9 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Kevin Keegan (Sam Robards) is a recently divorced TV news photographer who quits his job and returns to his former school, Roosevelt High, to teach the kids how to take the school newspaper into the electronic age and produce a weekly cable TV show.

This short-lived series (it was cancelled during the first season) is most notable for introducing a young Matt LeBlanc to the world. He featured as Chuck Bender in a controversial three-parter in which he got his girlfriend, Jamie (Lisa Trusel) pregnant – and while he was more than willing to marry her, she decided (with her mother’s approval) on an abortion.

Kevin Keegan
Sam Robards
Emilie Walker
Brynn Thayer
Principal Edward Steadman
Leon Russom
Penny Lipton
Mary B. Ward
Chuck Bender
Matt LeBlanc
Jamie Myers
Lisa Trusel
Sherman Fischer
Andrew Cassese
Stacey Dash
Holden Hines
Alex Désert
Marty Voight
Stewart Goddard
Amanda Hampton
Teri Polo
Angela Hernandez
Monique Salcido
Vance Checker
Andrew White
Skip the Janitor
Matt Dearborn