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Two Of Us, The

1 9 8 1  – 1 9 8 2 (USA)

Robert Brentwood (Peter Cook)  was a very proper English manservant thrust into a free-wheeling American household in this comedy of lifestyles.

Nan Gallagher (Mimi Kennedy) was a highly successful, divorced career woman, cohost of the New York City TV talk show Mid-Morning Manhattan. The other host was the unseen Reggie Philbis – a takeoff on real Los Angeles talk show host Regis Philbin.

Nan’s blind spot was housekeeping. Basically, she was a slob around the house, and she desperately needed someone to put her daily life in order.

Enter Brentwood, quite by accident. Though initially repelled by the thought of working for a woman (with a child, yet!), he took the challenge.

On the one hand sarcastic, sometimes overbearing, and always proper, he also happened to be a gourmet cook, a meticulous organiser, and conversant in several languages – skills which proved invaluable when Nan had to entertain a diverse parade of guests. If only he were a little less pompous!

Cubby Royce (Oliver Clark) was Nan’s agent. When The Two of Us returned in the fall of 1981 after a limited run in the spring, the name of Nan’s co-host had been changed from Philbis to Cavanaugh and he was seen regularly in the person of actor Tim Thomerson.

Reggie was so obnoxious and egocentric that he had no real friends. Needless to say, Reggie and Nan were not the best of friends off-camera.

The sitcom was based on the British series Two’s Company which starred Elaine Stritch
and Donald Sinden.

Robert Brentwood
Peter Cook
Nan Gallagher
Mimi Kennedy
Cubby Royce
Oliver Clark
Gabrielle “Gabby” Gallagher
Dana Hill
Reggie Cavanaugh
Tim Thomerson