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Valentine Park

1 9 8 7 – 1 9 8 8 (UK)
12 x 30 minute episodes

This unfunny 12-part sitcom from Central was set in a municipal park where Tom (Ken Jones) was the head gardener.

Working with him were his endearingly dippy godson, Max (David Thewlis), overzealous head of park security, Bodie (Daniel Peacock) and his undercover – and unseen – park patrol colleague, Doyle (Bernard Padden).

Tom lodged with batty old landlady Mrs Giles (Liz Smith), who constantly mistook Max for her long lost grandson Billy – resulting in him getting preferential treatment over Tom.

Max had a clumsy burgeoning romance with hairdresser Claire (Katy Newell).

Co-writer Nicholas Hyde actually worked as a council gardener in Bexley, Kent.

Ken Jones
Mrs Giles
Liz Smith
David Thewlis
Daniel Peacock
Bernard Padden
Katy Newell
Penny Morrell