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All The Way

1 9 8 8 (Australia)
32 x 30 minute episodes

All The Way was an Australian television series made by Crawford Productions for the Nine Network, which started out as a six-hour miniseries.

The first episode took place on the day in 1963 that John F. Kennedy was assassinated and the series examined the life of an Australian family (linked by three sisters played by Diana Davidson, Maggie Millar and Rowena Wallace) during the decade of LBJ, the Vietnam War, civil rights activism and The Beatles.

In the corny and incredible opening, Alan Scott (Martin Sacks), an expatriate Australian journalist who has just brought down the British government over the Profumo scandal and is single-handedly about to save Australia, shoulders his way off the plane, through airport customs and security, phones Dallas, speaks to a doctor, and announces to his stunned family not only that President Kennedy is dead, but also that they are probably the first people outside the hospital to be thus informed.

The series was not a success. It was critically panned and cancelled after only 32 episodes.

A young Dannii Minogue featured in the cast.

Elaine Seymour
Rowena Wallace
Phillip Seymour
Peter Sumner
Penelope Seymour
Jacqueline McKenzie
Lindsay Seymour
Ben Mendelsohn
Penny Seymour
Dannii Minogue
Lorna Scott
Maggie Millar
Alan Scott
Martin Sacks
Ray Scott
Dennis Miller
Christine Scott
Lisa Hensley
Barry Scott
Dominic McDonald
Diana Davidson
George Cutler
George Mallaby
Gillian Porter
Joy Smithers
Mike O’Brien
Grigor Taylor
Joe Bianchi
Vince Colosimo
Mrs Birch
Brenda Addie
Terry O’Rourke
Nikki Coghill
Mr Bower
Ralph Cotterill
Richard Dodds
Stephen Hall
Mrs Hart
Marion Heathfield
Sir Peter Edwin
John Lee
Mr Bianchi
Robert Mammone
Dr. Hart
Martin Redpath
Miss McKinnon
Marie Redshaw
Wyn Roberts
Joe Dolce