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We’ll Meet Again

1 9 8 2 (UK)
13 x 50 minute episodes

It is 1943, and for three-and-a-half long years, the small East Anglian town of Market Wetherby has been doggedly getting on with the war; contending with ration books and shortages, ‘Digging for Victory’ and listening to news of the war on the ‘wireless’. Into this quiet corner of

Into this quiet corner of wartime tranquillity arrive the 525th Bomber Group of the US Eighth Air Group. Consequently, welcoming Flying Fortress bombers and 2,500 American officers and men does not come easily to the inhabitants of this sleepy village.

The war-weary British and the brash American GIs sometimes clash, but friendships are also forged as the series explores the human conflicts that arise with the background of wartime.

Susannah York stars as Helen Dereham, a cool, classical doctor in the small village hospital. Ronald Hines is her husband, an army major who goes away to fight, and American star Michael Shannon features as a US Air Force flier.

Only one series of We’ll Meet Again was ever made, despite a public protest for more due to the success with which it was met.

Dr Helen Dereham
Susannah York
Major Ronald Dereham
Ronald Hines
Major James Kiley
Michael Shannon
Jack Blair
Patrick O’Connell
Rosie Blair
Lynne Pearson
Sgt. Elmer Jones
James Saxon
Sgt. Hymie Stutz
Lou Hirsch
Peter Mundy
Patrick Pearson
Vi Blair
Kathryn Pogson
Albert Mundy
Ray Smith
Vera Mundy
June Barry
Patricia Dereham
Lise Ann McLaughlin
Colonel Rufus Krasnowici
Ed Devereaux
Capt. Red Berwash
Gavan O’Herlihy
Letty Mundy
Natalie Ogle
Sally Bilton
Carolyn Pickles
Master Sgt. Mac McGraw
Christopher Malcolm
Master Sgt. Chuck Ericson
Joris Stuyck
Betty Bilton
Holly Watson
Sgt. Mario Bottone
David Baxt
Sister Dickson
Gillian Phelps
Ruby Bilton
Julia McCarthy
Captain Lester Carson
Richard LeParmentier