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What A Country

1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 7 (USA)
26 x 30 minute episodes

Room 107 of Los Angeles High School is home to a group of mature foreign students studying for their citizenship tests. Taylor Brown (Garrett M Brown) is their English teacher.

Taylor, who lives at 36 Whitney Way, is from Dakota and originally came to California to find a job as a high school coach. Principal Joan Courtney (Gail Strickland) first hired him as a one-night substitute teacher for the citizenship class but he became the permanent teacher when the earlier one resigned.

The Citizenship Class students include Russian taxi driver Nikolai Rostopovich (Yakov Smirnoff) who is hoping to open his own retail appliance store; the gorgeous Spanish-born Maria Conchita Lopez (Ada Maris), who lives in Beverly Hills and is the maid to Lenny Feldman (Larry Gelman), the owner of Feldman’s Sofa Village; Yung Hee (Leila Lee Olsen), a beautiful but very shy Chinese woman who is hoping to become a nurse, and whose name means “petal of wildflower blossoming in sun . . . then withers and dies and is gone forever”;  African prince Robert (Harry Waters Jr) who is the son of Julius Muboto (William Marshall), the ousted King of Africa; Swedish bombshell Inga (Donna Dixon); Laslo (George Murdock) from Hungary; Ali (Vijay Amritraj) from Pakistan; and Victor (Julian Reyes) from Puerto Rico.

Joan Courtney is eventually replaced as Principal by F. Jerry (Bud) McPherson (Don Knotts). Dani (Elaine Giftos) owns the after school hangout, ‘Dani’s Diner’.

The series was based on the long-running British sitcom Mind Your Language (1977 – 1986).

Taylor Brown
Garrett M Brown
Nikolai Rostapovich
Yakov Smirnoff
Maria Conchita Lopez
Ada Maris
Yung Hee
Leila Lee Olsen
Laslo Gabov
George Murdock
Victor Ortega
Julian Reyes
Robert Muboto
Harry Waters Jr.
Inga Betstrom
Donna Dixon
Ali Nadeem
Vijay Amritraj
Principal Joan Courtney
Gail Strickland
F. Jerry McPherson
Don Knotts
Elaine Giftos