Home Television Drama Wildside


1 9 8 5 (USA)
6 x 60 minute episodes

Five upstanding citizens of Wildside County, California, constituted a secret law-enforcement group called the ‘Wildside Chamber of Commerce’ in this short-lived action series set in the Old West.

Brodie Hollister (William Smith) was a rancher and the “fastest gun in the West”. Sutton (J. Eddie Peck) was his son.

Bannister Sparks (Howard E. Rollins Jr) was a debonair black explosives expert, Varges (John DiAquino) was a knife-wielding gunsmith and Prometheus (Terry Funk) was a gentle giant who was also a veterinarian and expert with the lariat.

Their assignments generally came from the Governor (Sandy McPeak), and adversaries ranged from local gangs to wandering ex-Confederate platoons and renegade British cavalry units left over from the Crimean War.

Brodie Hollister
William Smith
Sutton Hollister
J. Eddie Peck
Bannister Sparks
Howard E. Rollins Jr.
Varges De La Cosa
John DiAquino
Prometheus Jones
Terry Funk
Cally Oaks
Meg Ryan
Governor J. Wendell Summerhayes
Sandy McPeak
Keye Ahn
Jon Fong
Elliot Throgmorton
Kurt Fuller
Alice Freeze
Robin Hoff
Timothy Scott
Jason Hervey