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1 9 8 9 (UK)
26 x 10 minute episodes

“Wherever there are flowers and trees and grass there’s always a Windfall Land. And in every Windfall Land, you’ll find Windfalls” narrator Peter Hawkins informed us as this stop-motion animated TV series started, accompanied by unceasing accordion music.

‘Windfalls’ are little characters made from the leaves, petals and grasses that make up the natural landscape of Windfall Land, including Butterbur, Berry, Cornflower, Daisy, Rosebay, Uncle Onion, Evening Primrose, Delphinium, Pampas, Daffodil, Foxglove and Bella Donna.

The Windfalls discover how rainbows form, how dock leaves can nullify a nettle sting, and how some berries are safe for birds but poisonous for people.

There was also a scary clown who had a short segment in which he would interact with a mound of flower petals in a disturbing mime (also to the accompaniment of an accordion).

Created and written by actress, writer and traditional cooking expert Jenny Kenna, Windfalls consisted of 26 episodes. The animation was by Isabelle Perrichon with music by Joan Alexis.

The series was produced by Central TV and FilmFair with episodes aired in the Friday 4.05 pm slot on Children’s ITV.