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Winston Churchill – The Wilderness Years

1 9 8 1 (UK)
8 x 60 minute episodes

After a meteoric rise to prominence in the early decades of the 20th century, Winston Churchill’s political career ground dramatically to a halt in 1929.

A change in leadership in the Conservative Party and momentous movements on the world stage left the always outspoken Churchill sitting in the shadows, nearly broke and politically isolated – his voice singing out of tune with many of his own political colour.

This £3m ITV mini-series looked back at those “wilderness years”, viewing how the great man bided his time, speaking out in vain on issues such as the rise of fascism and self-government for India, offering support for Edward VIII in the Abdication Crisis and waiting for that moment when the country would again call upon his services, his brilliance and his unconquerable spirit as he led the world in its desperate fight against Hitler.

Winston Churchill
Robert Hardy

Sian Phillips
Nigel Havers
Stanley Baldwin 

Peter Barkworth
Neville Chamberlain 

Eric Porter
Sir Samuel Hoare 
Edward Woodward
Bernard Baruch 
Sam Wannamaker
Brendan Bracken 

Tim Pigott-Smith


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