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Witches and the Grinnygog, The

1 9 8 3 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

grinnygog3Set in the countryside around Winchester, this was a story of sorcery and magic as three good witches rose from the marshes to hunt for a small, enchanted stone figure: the Grinnygog, which was placed in their charge centuries ago and was now lost.

The Grinnygog, once proudly set in one of the walls of the ancient church of St Cuthberts, went missing when the church was dismantled to be moved to another site.

It fell from the back of an open lorry, to be picked up by a local man and placed in his rockery.

The witches enlisted the help of five local children, Jimmy (Paul Curtis), Effie (Zoe Loftin) and Dave (Adam Woodyatt) Firkettle, and Colin (Giles Harper) and Nan (Heidi Mayo) Sogood, and the ensuing search caused some spectacular events to occur in their usually quiet village.

The six-part series was adapted from Dorothy Edwards’ children’s novel of the same title.

Featuring Patricia Hayes and future EastEnders’ Lou Beale Anna Wing (appearing here alongside her future screen grandson, Adam Woodyatt) as the Witches, this was a tremendously fun series.

Jimmy Firkettle
Paul Curtis
Effie Firkettle
Zoe Loftin
Dave Firkettle
Adam Woodyatt
Colin Sogood
Giles Harper
Nan Sogood
Heidi Mayo
Mrs Firkettle
Jane Wood
Reverend Sogood
Robert Swann
Mr Adam
John Barrard
Mrs Ems
Sheila Grant
Margaret ‘Daisy’ Ems
Eva Griffith
Miss Bendybones
Patricia Hayes
Mr Alabaster
Olu Jacobs
Edie Possett
Anna Wing