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Wizards and Warriors

1 9 8 3 (USA)
8 x 60 minute episodes

Jeff Conaway (cabbie Bobby Wheeler on Taxi) starred as Prince Erik Greystone on this very tongue-in-cheek adventure-comedy, which revolved around the fictional kingdom of Camarand in the time of King Arthur’s Court.

Princess Ariel (Julia Duffy from Newhart), daughter of rulers good King Baaldorf (Tom Hill) and Queen Lattinia (Julie Payne), was engaged to Erik, who spent much of his time defending the land from the dastardly evil Prince Dirk Blackpool (Duncan Regehr) and his dark-magic using cohorts Witch (and mega-babe) Bethel (Randi Brooks) and Wizard Vector (Clive Revill). Aiding Erik in these endeavours was the beefy Marko (Walter Olkewicz).

Also along for the ride were the evil Blackpool’s incompetent bro, Geoffrey (Tim Dunigan), and Erik’s ne’er-do-well playboy brother, Justin (Jay Kerr).

Elaborate special effects such as ghosts, demons, powerful amulets and fiery swords added visual impact to the fantasy, but sadly, no amount of magic could save the show.

This flash-in-the-pan CBS series debuted in late February 1983 and was gone by mid-May of the same year.

Prince Erik Greystone 
Jeff Conaway
Princess Ariel Baaldorf 

Julia Duffy
King Edwin Baaldorf 

Tom Hill
Queen Lattinia Baaldorf 

Julie Payne
Prince Dirk Blackpool 

Duncan Regehr

Randi Brooks

Clive Revill

Walter Olkewicz
Geoffrey Blackpool 

Tim Dunigan
Justin Greystone 

Jay Kerr

Ian Wolfe


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