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This BBC children’s television show featured an alien magician called Wizbit and a large rabbit called Wooly, and followed their adventures in Puzzleopolis – a town inhabited by walking, talking (and often singing) sponge-balls, dice, magic wands, playing cards and 8-foot-tall rabbits (all magician’s props).


Wizbit’s year-and-a-day mission was to find out all about Earth, and the show made an attempt to be semi-educational.

The puzzles which Wizbit had to solve were also presented to the viewing audience at home, with the solutions revealed towards the end of the episode.

Wizbit’s magic word was “Ostagazuzulum”. He came from the planet WOW (an acronym of World Of Wizards).

The show was created by Barry Murray, former Mungo Jerry record producer, with assistance from magician Paul Daniels.

The series starred Daniels and his glamorous assistant (and wife) Debbie McGee.

Tony Friel
Norman Bowler
Squidgy Bog
Martin Daniels
Professor Doom
Rob Inglis
The Gatekeeper
Vicky Licorish
Paul Daniels