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1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 0 (USA)
11 x 60 minute episodes

San Francisco cop Tony Wolf (Jack Scalia) is framed on a drug charge by the criminals he has been pursuing.

Thrown off the force, he gets a job as a private detective working for the high priced criminal attorney, Dylan Elliott (Nicolas Surovy), who had led the fight to have him thrown off the force.


Dylan comes to believe that Tony had been framed and attempts to help him prove his innocence.

Tony lives with his father, Sal (Joseph Sirola), on the Sea Wolf, a boat that always needs repairs, and spends most of his free time with his high school sweetheart, Connie (Mimi Kuzyk), a single mother who operates a small cafe on Fisherman’s Wharf while coping with her spirited teenage daughter Angeline (J.C. Brandy).

Karen Kondazian appeared as Connie’s aunt, Gina, and Judith Hoag played Elliott’s sister, Melissa Shaw Elliott.

Tony Wolf
Jack Scalia
Dylan Elliott
Nicolas Surovy
Salvatore ‘Sal’ Wolf
Joseph Sirola
Connie Bacarri
Mimi Kuzyk
Angeline Bacarri
J.C. Brandy
Detective Stone
Steve C. Porter
Melissa Shaw Elliott
Judith Hoag
Karen Kondazian