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World War III

1 9 8 2 (USA)
2 x 100 minute episodes

This gripping mini-series was a major event when it screened. It told the hypothetical tale of a Russian military unit moving into Alaska in 1987 and sparking off World War III between the United States and the Soviets.

The show starred Rock Hudson, David (Starsky and Hutch) Soul, and Brian Keith. Cathy Lee Crosby delivered a sexy and rugged portrayal.

Director Boris Sagal was killed early in the production, in a helicopter accident in Oregon.

Colonel Jake Caffey
David Soul
Secretary-General Gorny
Brian Keith
Major Kate Breckenridge
Cathy Lee Crosby
Colonel Alexander Vorashin
Jeroen Krabbé
General Aleksey Rudenski
Robert Prosky
Dorothy Longworth
Katherine Helmond
Richard Hickman
James Hampton
President Thomas McKenna
Rock Hudson
Admiral Vernon Blanchard
Harry Basch
Tim Hardy
Frank Dent
Major George Devery
Rick Fitts
Brigadier General Gard Roberts
John Lehne
Sgt. Johnny Parson
Marcus K. Mukai
Major Nicolai Saamaretz
William Traylor
Dr Jules Farber
Lee Wallace