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You Should Be So Lucky!

1 9 8 5 (UK)

This groan-inducing BBC show featured kids from stage schools competing in a giant snakes and ladders game, moving around the board by virtue of their performances which were arbitrarily judged by the audience on a ‘clapometer’ (a la Opportunity Knocks).

The precocious brats sang, tap-danced and played musical instruments under the watchful eye of host Vince Purity, played by Colin Bennett (who also devised and wrote the show).

Vince was assisted by his ‘Purettes’ –  three girls known as April, May and June, and a boy called Alex (who Bennett jokingly referred to as “July”).

Vince Purity
Colin Bennett
Donna Young
Julie Newell
Joanna Borman
Alex Cowens

Theme tune