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Adventures of Pete & Pete, The

1 9 9 3 – 1 9 9 6 (USA)
30 x episodes

American sitcom chronicling the misadventures of two brothers – both named Pete – and their friends in Westville, USA.

Knowingly heavy on music and celebrities (guests included LL Cool JIggy Pop and Michael Stipe from REM) the show started as a series of one-minute promos for the Nickelodeon cable channel before becoming specials, and eventually a weekly series.

Also seen were Mom (who had a metal plate in her head which proved useful as an antenna), Dad (relatively normal), Big Pete’s friend Ellen, and Artie – the Strongest Man in the World.

Classic episodes included The Burping Room (in which, after excessive belching, little Pete is forced by Dad to conduct all belching in a specially designed room), X-Ray Man (in which little Pete gets X-ray vision, forcing Ellen to wear a lead smock),What We Did On Our Summer Vacation and Staremaster.

Little Pete Wrigley
Danny Tamberelli
Big Pete Wrigley

Mike Maronna
Mom (Joyce Wrigley)

Judy Grafe
Dad (Don Wrigley)

Hardy Rawls
Ellen Hickie

Alison Fanelli

Toby Huss
Mr Mecklenberg

Iggy Pop