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All Night Long

1 9 9 4 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived BBC comedy series was set in an all-night London bakery and starred Keith Barron as the proprietor, Bill (a reformed armed robber who learnt his trade in prison) who provided tea and company for assorted night birds.

He employed Vanda (Maureen Beattie), a Romanian, Scottish Tom (Angus Lennie) and Courtney (Robert McKewley), who was given a job after breaking into the bakery in the first episode.

Clare (Dinah Sheridan) was a disabled crime writer, who was inspired by the bakery.

Wally (Paul Grunert) was a cab driver and PC Digby (John Phythian) and WPC Jackson (Janis Winters) were the local police officers.

Bill Chivers
Keith Barron
Dinah Sheridan
Angus Lennie
WPC Hannah Jackson
Janis Winters
PC Digby
John Phythian
Jacqueline Reddin
Robert McKewley
Paul Grunert
Maureen Beattie