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Anglo Saxon Attitudes

1 9 9 2 (UK)
3 x 90 minute episodes

This three-part television mini-series by Thames Television subsidiary Euston Films revolved around Gerald Middleton (Richard Johnson), a wealthy and cultured professor of medieval history who, at 60, feels both an academic and emotional failure.

His broken marriage to the monstrous Inge (Elizabeth Spriggs) has produced three children from whom he is estranged. Dollie (Dorothy Tutin), his best friend’s wife with whom he had a long and passionate love affair, has disappeared from his life in a cloud of recrimination and alcohol.

And Gilbert Stokesay (Daniel Craig), the best friend, long dead in the trenches of the Great War, continues to haunt and threaten his self-esteem as a historian – all because of the Melpham Idol, a pagan phallic figure found in the coffin of a disinterred Bishop.

It is the most important archaeological find of the century, a discovery that changes the course of scholarship and sets the academic world in turmoil. But is it a hoax? And if so who was responsible? And why?

From Angus Wilson’s remarkable post-war novel, Anglo Saxon Attitudes has a rich and interwoven cast of characters. It is a satire, a tragedy, a black comedy of manners and a deadly accurate examination of the loves, lusts and foibles of a middle-class family bent on self-destruction.

Tara Fitzgerald played a supporting role as the young Dollie, and there was also a brief appearance by a 16-year-old Kate Winslet. The film won the BAFTA award for best serial drama.

Gerald Middleton
Richard Johnson
Young Gerald Middleton
Douglas Hodge
Inge Middleton
Elizabeth Spriggs
Dollie Stokesay
Dorothy Tutin
Young Inge Middleton
Briony Glassco
Young Dollie Stokesay
Tara Fitzgerald
Robin Middleton
Nicholas Jones
Young Robin
Jamie McClelland
Kay Consett
Deborah Findlay
Young Kay
Kate Maberly
John Middleton
Simon Chandler
Young John
Matthew Owens
Donald Consett
Simon Mattacks
Larrie Rourke
Paudge Behan
Elvira Portway
Amanda Mealing
Canon Portway
David Savile
Professor Stokesay
Oliver Ford Davies
Gilbert Stokesay
Daniel Craig
Sir Edgar Iffley
John Boswall
Professor Pforzheim
Carl Duering
Dr Rose Lorimer
Lila Kaye
Professor Clun
Robert Lang
Frank Rammage
David Ryall
Young Frank
Jonathan Lacey
Young Barker
Ben Robertson
Arthur White
Mrs Larwood
Hilda Braid
Clarissa Crane
Julie Legrand
Marie-Helene Middleton
Carmen Du Sautoy
Young Lillian Portway
Jane How
Stephanie Houdet
Rosalie Crutchley
Yves Houdet
Jay Benedict
Jasper Stringwell
Jonathan Elsom
Timothy Middleton
Nicholas Haley
Theo Roberts
Bob Mason
Father Lavenham
Roger Kemp
Alice Barker
Rachel Lloyd
Alice Cresset
Pat Keen
Harold Cresset
John Cater
Mrs Salad
Edna Doré
Vin Salad
Paul Firth
Sophie Uliano
Laura Brattan