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1 9 9 7 – 1 9 9 8 (UK)
13 x 25 minute episodes

Schoolfriends Tom Baxter (Ben Brooks) and Geoff Reynolds (Craig Vye) are on holiday when they find the skeleton of a Roman centurion in a cave. Buried with him is a strange ancient pod-like vehicle which turns out to be a flying machine with incredible abilities.

To work out how the machine works, the boys find themselves learning Latin, physics, archaeology, Roman history and much more – which bewilders their teacher as they had not previously been considered good scholars.

They eventually find out the pod is actually a ‘lifeboat’ from an alien spaceship.

A terrific kids’ series from the BBC.

Tom Baxter
Ben Brooks
Geoff Reynolds
Craig Vye
Mrs Baxter
Sallyanne Law
Mrs Reynolds
Vivien Parry
Mrs Murray
Hilary Mason
Professor Hare
Thomas Wheatley