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Army Show, The

1 9 9 8 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Fort Bendix, Florida, is a forgotten Army supply base where life is easy. It is run by Sgt. Dave (David Anthony Higgins), a fat, scheming master sergeant who runs the mail depot on the base and manipulates the system and a group of slackers for his own personal needs.

When the Army discovers that Fort Bendix was supposed to be closed in 1974 but is still operational, they assign Brandford Handy (Craig Anton), a no-nonsense lieutenant to get the base back in shape.

Stories follow Dave’s attempts to continue his life of luxury by outsmarting Handy through his ingenious schemes.

Other regulars included private John Caesar (John Sencio), a long-haired party animal who is serving a four-year army hitch for hacking into a bank’s computer system; private ‘Smart’ Eddie Mitterand (Brian Posehn), who claims to have 15 extra bones in his back (he is called “The Human Compass” for his uncanny sense of direction); corporal Rusty Link (Toby Huss) who brews his own cologne (‘“Hyena’) and has Rambo delusions; private Lana Povoc (Ivana Millavich), a tough and scary female; and Ozzie Lee (Victor Togunda) a not-too-bright private.

The local pub hangout is the House of Jugs

Master Sgt. Dave Hopkins
David Anthony Higgins
Pvt. John Caesar
John Sencio
Cpl. Rusty Link 
Toby Huss
Col. John Henchy
Harold Sylvester
Lt. Branford Handy
Craig Anton
Ron Smith
Pvt. Eddie Mitterand 
Brian Posehn
Pvt. Lana Povoc
Ivana Millavich
Sgt. Tipton
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Col. John McGuire
Harold Sylvester
Pvt. Ozzie Lee
Victor Togunda