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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures

1 9 9 2 (USA)

William ‘Bill’ Preston (Evan Richards) and Theodore ‘Ted’ Logan (Christopher Kennedy) attend San Demas High School in the suburban sprawl of Los Angeles and work for a hardware store called Nail World, managed by Mr Kerlson (Danny Breen).

The boys have a language all their own – they are “righteous dudes” and most things in their world are “awesome”, “totally awesome”, “bogus” or “heinous”.

Bill and Ted also travel throughout time (using the ‘Circuits of Time’ phone booth from the 27th Century) and the lessons they learn, their “excellent adventures”, become the philosophy of the San Demas in the future.

San Demas, California, in the year 2692 is a society based on the philosophy of “The Two Great Ones” – William (Bill) Preston and Theodore (Ted) Logan – and the music of their band, The Wyld Stallyns. It is a “most excellent world” ruled by the Holy Ones.


Rufus (Rick Overton) has been assigned by the Holy Ones (in the future) to protect Bill and Ted on their trips through time and ensure the future of their excellent society.

Matt Landers played Ted’s father, Detective Chet Logan and Barbara Wood was Ted’s mother, Eleanor.

Don Lake played Bill’s father with Lisa Wilcox as his sexy young stepmother, Missy Preston.

Adapted from the 1989 theatrical film, Nathan Wang composed the most excellent theme.

Bill Preston
Evan Richards
Ted Logan
Christopher Kennedy
Rick Overton
Mr Kerlson
Danny Breen
Chet Logan
Matt Landers
Eleanor Logan
Barbara Wood
Missy Preston
Lisa Wilcox
Bill’s father
Don Lake