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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures

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An animated spin-off from CBS inspired by the 1989 feature film of the same title (which also inspired a live-action spin-off). All three principals from the movie provided their voices for this most triumphant animated series.

Bill Preston (Alex Winter) and Ted Logan (Keanu Reeves) are slackers who attend San Demas High School in suburban Los Angeles.

They are also travellers in time (via the ‘Circuits of Time’ phone booth from the 27th Century) and stories follow their “excellent adventures” as they visit historic pasts and future events that will shape the world.


Rufus is their guide. He has been appointed by the future city’s rulers, the Holy Ones, to ensure the future of their society by protecting Bill and Ted (the music they are destined to create with their band the Wyld Stallyns will shape the futuristic society).

Ted Logan
Keanu Reeves
Bill Preston
Alex Winter
George Carlin