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Scotsman Billy MacGregor (Billy Connolly), a history teacher at Fillmore High School in New York City, moves to California to teach night school at Berkeley Community College.

Unfortunately, he “forgot to renew his visa” and is about to be deported.

One of his students, Mary Springer (Marie Marshall), mentions that she desperately needs a boarder for her basement apartment in order to make ends meet. She is a divorced mother of three with a large mortgage.

So Billy marries Mary, gets his green card, and she gets her boarder. Her rules are that he stays in the basement, and there is to be no drinking, smoking, pets or sex.

Marrying an alien for the purpose of avoiding deportation may be illegal, but Mary’s three kids (girl-chasing David and musically-inclined Laura and Annie) think the ebullient Billy is pretty neat, even as he provides a much-needed father figure and teaches them little lessons in life.

David (Johnny Galecki) attends Berkeley High School and has an after-school job at the Chicken Pit restaurant. Laura (Natanya Ross) plays the violin and attends the Debbie Daniels Tap Dance School. Annie (Clara Bryant), the youngest, has a security blanket (‘Blankey’) and a plush bear (‘Marty’). When she wants attention, she hides.

The series was originally called Immediate Family and is a spinoff from Head of the Class.

Billy MacGregor
Billy Connolly
Mary Springer
Marie Marshall
Laura Springer
Natanya Ross
Annie Springer
Clara Bryant
David Springer
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