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Brollys, The

1 9 9 0 (UK)
13 x 15 minute episodes

Harry is a young boy with a fascination for the weather. In his bedroom – where his bed is covered in an old patchwork quilt depicting various weather symbols – he has a weather house and inside live Mr and Mrs Brolly.


Entering into their home, Harry learns all about weather from the old couple, albeit via their contradictory views – Mr Brolly favours the wet while Mrs Brolly is a fan of sunshine.

A few real-life weather sequences were featured throughout the series, courtesy of Oxford Scientific Films.

The 13 part series was produced by BBC1 under the CBBC umbrella (no pun intended). Episodes were 15 minutes long and aired on Thursdays at 3.50pm. The Brollys also aired in the USA and Brazil.

David Shaw Parker provided all the voices.