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Century Falls

1 9 9 3 (UK)
6 x 25 minute episodes

Teenager Tess Hunter (Catherine Sanderson) arrives with her mother in Century Falls, a village devoid of children where the natives are far from friendly, and turn downright hostile when they discover Mrs Hunter (Heather Baskerville) is pregnant.

But Tess isn’t the only new arrival in Century Falls. The rather strange Ben Naismith (Simon Fenton) and his twin Carey (Emma Jane Lavin) have been summoned to the village, after being sent away many years ago.

The three children visit a ruined temple, burnt down exactly forty years ago.

Ben is revealed to have special powers and takes time back to when fire ravaged the building and a woman flees the temple saying, “It’s all our fault, it’s all our fault!”

But that’s not all Ben has to show Tess and they visit a waterfall, where Century Falls began, and where a child beckons Tess, causing her to fall into the water.

The Naismiths’ uncle Richard (Bernard Kay) is working with his aged father, Dr Josiah Naismith (Robert James), to complete an occult ceremony which was unfinished 40 years ago by using Ben’s powers, hoping to raise the spirit of a mysterious God-like being, called ‘Century’.

They are eventually stopped by Tess’ actions, aided by the local Harkness sisters (Mary Wimbush and Georgine Anderson), who knew the original tragedy of the 1950s events.

The series was filmed on location at Langthwaite, Fawcett Hall, Muker and Richmond – all in Yorkshire. Century Falls aired from 17 February to 24 March 1993 on BBC1.

Tess Hunter
Catherine Sanderson
Esme Harkness
Mary Wimbush
Tatiana Strauss
May Harkness
Georgine Anderson
Richard Naismith
Bernard Kay
Ben Naismith
Simon Fenton
Mrs Hunter
Heather Baskerville
Carey Naismith
Emma Jane Lavin
Alex Mollo
Miss Cooper
Beryl Cooke
Alice Harkness
Eileen Way
Little Girl
Jennifer Harris
Dr Josiah Naismith
Robert James
Ted Wayland
Ronald Herdman
Jack Fretwell
Danny Schiller
Young Esme
Donna Fawthrop