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1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 2 (Australia)
127 x 60 minute episodes

Debuting on 29 January 1991, this Australian “adult” soap opera from the Nine Network revolved around an extended family who are transformed when they win $3 million in a lottery.

Jeremy Sims starred as advertising executive Alex Taylor, the essential “resident bastard” of the show and early episodes dealt with the impact of this fortunate event. Later episodes introduced bizarre plotlines involving (among other things) neo-Nazis, Triad gangsters, ghosts and carnivorous plants.

In August 1991, the show was cut from its original two hours a week (at 8:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to one hour at 9:30 PM on Tuesday nights.


Alex Taylor
Jeremy Sims
Nicki Taylor
Cathy Godbold (1)
Mouche Phillips (2)
Jack Taylor
Tim Robertson
Sarah Taylor
Anne Grigg
Ben Taylor
Rhys Muldoon
Sharon Taylor
Mercia Deane-Johns
Dan Taylor
John Sheerin
Barb Taylor
Brenda Addie
Yvonne Lawley
Angela Sullivan
Patsy Stephen
Bambi Shute
Sean Becker
Stephen Whittaker
Madeline Wolf
Karen Richards
Billy Anderson 
Michael Caton
Eddie Reynolds
Denis Miller
Lilli Lo
Katherine Li
Bogart Lo
Lawrence Mah
Wanda Starcross
Danielle Fairclough
Dee Dee Nelson
Lynda Stoner
Annie Jones
Quintin George
David Henson
Peter Phelps
Sir Malcolm
John Arnold
Ciri Thompson
Paul Dawber