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Chandler and Co.

1 9 9 4 – 1 9 9 5 (UK)

Elly Chandler had recently divorced her philandering husband, Max, and needed a new challenge in life.

Inspired by Larry Blakeston, the private eye she had hired to expose her husband’s infidelity, she decided to set up her own investigation firm, roping in Max’s sister, Dee, and turning to the now-retired Blakeston for advice . . . and surveillance equipment.

Dee was a reluctant partner and had told her husband, David, that she was going to be involved only until Elly had found her feet.

However, it was hard for Dee to detach herself from the business, even though detective work turned out to be a lot less fun than the girls imagined, bringing danger to themselves and their families.

In the second series, set a couple of years later, Dee had finally left the agency and Larry had also departed. A more confident Elly gained a new partner, Kate Phillips, and a new romance with Dr Mark Judd.

Elly Chandler
Catherine Russell
Dee Tate
Barbara Flynn
Larry Blakeston
Peter Capaldi
David Tate
Struan Rodger
Kate Phillips
Susan Fleetwood
Benji Phillips
Graham McGrath
Simon Wood
Bill Britten
Dr Mark Judd
Adrian Lukis